United Airlines Honolulu Picketing + Alaska Air $331/Hr. Pilot contract

UAL Hawaii flight diversion today due to medical emergency
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Today's UAL Hawaii flight was changed due to a medical emergency

While Alaska Airlines pilots have reached a long-awaited preliminary agreement, the opposite is true for flight attendants at Hawaii-based United Airlines.

After three years of strife, many arguments and 96% pilot strike approval before, Alaska pilots and management voted yesterday to approve a new tentative agreement for pilot representatives. This agreement remains to be confirmed by the remaining pilots, which is expected to happen soon.


Captain Will McQuillen, Chairman of the Alaska Airlines ALPA Master Executive Council (MEC).

After three years, we are pleased to have reached an agreement covering all the areas where we have lagged behind our highway carrier pilot peers for almost a decade. “This agreement not only recognizes the important role pilots play in the success of Alaska Airlines, but will also help our airline remain competitive in the industry.” – Will McQuillen, Captain/AS ALPA Chairman.

Pilots will receive wave increases effective 9/1/22. First officers will receive a bonus of 8% to 23%, and captains will receive a bonus of 15% to 23%. For captains, that means their pay will be $331 an hour. Pilots fly up to 1000 hours a year.

United Airlines Honolulu flight attendants to picket next week.

United Airlines Honolulu Flight Attendant Picketing

United Airlines flight attendants, many in recognizable uniforms, will be landing at Honolulu next week and at 14 other airports in the United States, Guam and London. Thousands of people are expected to participate in the planned events Signing event on September 27 promoted by the union pictured above.

It follows a dispute between the Flight Attendants Association (AFA-CWA) and the airline, which the flight attendant union says is the result of “unsustainable working conditions”.

Picketing cities include Boston, Cleveland, Denver, Guam, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Newark, Orlando, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Tampa and Washington.

Among the problems flight attendants claim is long waits for flight attendants for flight schedules. There are also cases where flight attendants say they are not provided with hotel accommodation or transportation.

The FA said “some progress” had been made with management despite the labor action. The union said it was “no coincidence” that they were seeing some changes in part due to the upcoming highly visible “September 27 Day of Action”. The Union’s plan is to keep up the pressure. “Members will come together to educate the traveling public about the issues we face and at the same time ensure management is aware of our Solidarity regarding the issues we face.”

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