The Tesla Semi battery pack and thermal management system appeared after initial deliveries

Tesla Chair Robyn Denholm says Tesla could produce 100 Semi trucks this year.
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Images of the Tesla Semi’s interior have been posted online showing every subsystem of the car just a month after the Semi’s first deliveries to Pepsi and Frito-Lay in December.

The Tesla Semi launch event was a fantastic event to watch, not only because of the truck’s incredible design, but because of its extraordinary technical prowess compared to other electric and diesel engines currently on the market. Now, each of the Tesla Semi’s complex subsystems has been revealed in images uploaded to Twitter.

Posted by images @greentheonly Twitter has some of the most in-depth x-ray diagrams seen since the truck’s launch, and some of the best pictures of how the truck works.

Along with some impressive technical footage, a Twitter user posted a fake VIN plate for a commercial vehicle. highlight specifications such as gross vehicle weight, tire size and tire pressure.

These images were posted just a month and a few weeks after the car’s launch the first trucks appeared on public roads. Trucks Delivered to Pepsi and Frito-Lay are already working to launch products on the west coast of the US, with the automaker planning more routes for the future as it continues to deliver in the new year.

Tesla did not disclose its other customers Who will buy trucks in 2023?, nor have prospective customers indicated their intention to purchase/deliver them. And because of this lack of clarity, estimates of Semi orders range from a few hundred to thousands of cars.

More and more car manufacturers, including Mercedes Volvo trucks, and Nikola continues to expand its electric semi offerings, market adoption and investment in the technology will continue to grow. We hope that with this continued adoption, the way the products we love are delivered to us can continue to improve and become more sustainable.

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The Tesla Semi battery pack and thermal management system appeared after initial deliveries

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