The Morning After: A wireless wall-mounted 55-inch OLED TV

The Morning After: A wireless wall-mounted 55-inch OLED TV
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One of the fun things about CES is the completely different approach to established tech norms. Displace’s 55-inch OLED TV not only does it run on batteries and have an opening chamber, but it also attaches to most walls and windows with a vacuum seal. The frame even has handles. Is this the end of wall mounts? Probably not.

It seems to hold itself in place via multiple vacuum loops on the back. When the screen detects a surface, vacuums are activated, pulling the device to the surface of your choice. Displace TV can also do without a power cable because it doesn’t do much image processing on board. This is basically the media stream from the base station that does the rendering. The OLED TV itself has no wires or ports.

There are more oddities. You can watch content for about six hours before you need to change the batteries, and there is no remote, so you will have to suffer with the unstable method of hand gestures – which I don’t think anyone really likes. At $3,000, though, Displace TV is predictably expensive. Only 100 units are currently available for pre-order, and the company says shipping will begin in December. If you buy four of them, you can probably put them together and make a 110-inch 8K TV.

– Matt Smith

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