The monkey flower ‘panic’ is extreme and unfortunate

The monkey flower 'panic' is extreme and unfortunate
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Nostalgia for Panic, America? Welcome to Monkey Flower Hysteria!

The World Health Organization is calling a second emergency meeting to discuss whether the virus, which has caused fatigue, injuries and in some cases death, constitutes a global emergency. CDC issues warnings and advisories.

Awakened epidemiologists argue that this epidemic could have been prevented if more money had been spent on pet pale causes. Across the country, local health departments are counting and tracking cases about the spread.

Everything is familiar to us: the mechanism of elite anxiety works as it did in the past. COVID. (Our public health “experts” assured us that, after a brief stammer, it was profoundly racist to worry about the virus.)

There are a few key differences this time around. The first is the transparent scale.

Since the outbreak began in January, there have been a total of 9,200 cases and three deaths in 63 countries. That’s a .03% fatality rate so far against the overall small numbers. (America alone has seen millions of cases of COVID by this point in 2020). The bug is not simply transmissible, but requires prolonged close contact to spread.

Also, vaccines is already available. With good health standards like those in the US and Europe (where this outbreak is concentrated), the virus is unlikely to cause anything more than a rash, fever and lethargy.

Still, panic-mongers are doing their best to stir up outrage with dire warnings about public pools (the virus can be spread through contact with infected skin) and summer vacations.

Northwell Healthcare workers are given monkeypox vaccinations on July 14, 2022 in Cherry Grove, Fire Island, New York.
Northwell Healthcare workers are given monkeypox vaccinations on July 14, 2022 in Cherry Grove, Fire Island, New York.
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But no one — mercifully — is paying attention.

Why? We are indoctrinated (so to speak) with our experience of overreacting to COVID.

The past two years have seen major, unprecedented changes in the name of public health in America. We have closed schools, causing lasting damage to children. Businesses were suffocated, destroying lives and livelihoods. Funerals, graduations, birthdays: banned, missed and ignored.

What did these relentless efforts get us? nothing. The virus tore through our population, killing more than a million people and retreating like viruses. COVID is now endemic and there is no real threat (except for the most vulnerable groups such as the elderly, around whom protective measures should be taken) always has been narrowly focused).

Why, even Yale public health professor and infamous COVID alarmist Gregg Gonsalves (who called on the WHO to declare an emergency) demands that we allow people to manage the risk of monkeypox without shutting down society.

We would call him a hypocrite, but he is a waste of breath. The nation should just be glad that these fanatics have lost most of their power.

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