The layoffs continue at Twitter under Elon Musk

The layoffs continue at Twitter under Elon Musk
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Additional Twitter employees, including public policy, media and entertainment teams, were terminated Thursday as part of ongoing layoffs under new owner Elon Musk, according to tweets from affected employees.

As part of Thursday’s layoffs, members of Twitter’s public policy team that continued last month massive layoffs A former Twitter employee with knowledge of the layoffs told CNN that it was cut in half again to about 15 employees.

The public policy team’s responsibilities include working with external advisory groups such as the Twitter Trust and Safety Council. the company collapsed earlier this month. It also manages human rights programs to protect vulnerable users such as activists, engages in transparency efforts, works with government agencies and helps ensure compliance with global regulations. The public policy group had more than 60 employees before Musk’s takeover, according to a former employee.

Thursday’s speeches come after Musk about half were fired Last month, it laid off Twitter’s workforce shortly after taking over and then fired additional employees, including through an ultimatum requiring them to work “hardcore” or leave the company. Musk’s team — trying to cut costs at the struggling company the billionaire bought for $44 billion — moved on. resignation A former employee and, according to multiple recent reports, hundreds of additional Twitter employees since then, including top engineering and legal talent.

More 100 former Twitter employees have filed demands for arbitration or are participating in proposed class action lawsuits related to layoffs.

The latest round of layoffs could further affect Twitter’s ability to protect key users and comply with regulations amid increased scrutiny of the company since Musk’s takeover.

Thierry Breton, senior EU official, Mask warned said at a meeting last month that the social media platform needed to take significant steps to comply with EU content moderation laws and that European officials would be closely monitored for compliance. Musk has agreed to have the social media platform undergo a “stress test” by EU officials for compliance with Europe’s new platform regulation, the Digital Services Act, early next year.

Also on Twitter you keep fighting with the exit of many of the company’s advertisers, who provide the bulk of its revenue. As of Dec. 17, 72 of Twitter’s top 100 advertisers have stopped ad campaigns on the platform, according to a study by digital marketing intelligence firm Pathmatics provided to CNN.

Meanwhile, Musk may be considering finding someone else to lead the social platform after Twitter users voted for him to step down as CEO over the weekend. Musk tweeted this week that he will “step down as soon as he finds someone stupid enough to take the job!”

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