The Last of Us Fans Call Remake a ‘Cash Grab’ After Leaked Gameplay

The Last of Us Fans Call Remake a 'Cash Grab' After Leaked Gameplay
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fans Our last they get angry new leaked images of Our end, part 1, the new PlayStation 5 remake of the beloved 2013 game. Even since the rumours, fans have been confused by the idea of ​​a remake Our last. After all, the game is only 9 years old, got a PS4 remaster and is backwards compatible on PS5. It’s very accessible, and many feel it works well enough that there’s no need to devote time and resources to a full-blown remake. When Our end, part 1 was announcedfans quickly became more concerned as the remake was confirmed to cost $70, despite the game losing the original multiplayer mode.

now, Gameplay footage showing some battles has been leaked Our end, part 1. Some claim that the game is a “money grab”, probably referring to one of them The developers of the game deny the idea that this is a cash grab and it’s actually a labor of love for the team. Players have pointed out that the animations are very similar to the original game, with many questioning the amount of work that went into this remake. Of course, a remake that improves the graphics this much is no small feat, and we’re still waiting to hear from Naughty Dog about what exactly has changed with the game with this remake. Some were hoping for something closer The end of us part IIbut it doesn’t look like we’re going to get it.

The end of us part II has a noticeably different play style, as Ellie is a younger, smaller, more agile character than the middle-aged Joel. He can crawl around, be more agile, run, etc., but Joel is a bigger guy. Whether that’s too generous for Naughty Dog remains to be seen.

Our end, part 1 It will be released on September 2, 2022 on PlayStation 5. What do you think about the leaked game? Let me know in the comments or hit me up Twitter @Cade_Onder. You can keep scrolling to read some reactions to the game.

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