The 5 Worst Things Customers Do

The 5 Worst Things Customers Do
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This Starbucks employee prepares to froth over coffee customers.

Keicha Halsell — Keke Not Palmer on TikTok — blows the plastic lid on the worst things customers can do at a Seattle-based coffee chain.

Barista appeared in a after deletion viral video of the most annoying “icks” people give him while buying coffee Daily Mail reported about it.

Florida resident – who has Nearly 20,000 followers and over 1 million likes on the platform – began his now-viral clip: “I’m sure I could get in trouble for this video – but I’m going to do it anyway.”

He then revealed his top 5 complaints that annoy him when drinking caffeinated beverages: Halsell’s first pet hate is when people get in line and then “take another five minutes to tell us what they want.” cashier

Starbucks barista
“I’m sure I’m going to get in trouble for this video, but I’m going to do it anyway,” barista Keicha Halsell captioned the clip.
TikTok / @kekenotpalmer

Halsell is one of a growing number of alleged Starbucks employees trying to shine where the workplace complaints on viral videos — also despises those who order dairy alternatives like almond, oat and soy products, but then go on to ask for sweet creamy cold foam to top off their iced drink.

He noted that those who cannot drink dairy products should not add solid milk and cream to their drinks, as additives will not be beneficial for them.

The employee’s next issue is with customers ordering new items they’ve never consumed before – and in turn, customers who don’t like the drink.

He then has to make a “cup five times” until the buyer is satisfied. “How about me? [It] it’s getting on my nerves,” he moaned.

His next irritation is others request a mystery drink this menu is absent or present Retrieved from TikTokowing to 32.1 billion tagged videos With the hashtag #Starbucks.

Starbucks barista
Halsell often shares his experience working at the Seattle-based coffee chain on TikTok.
TikTok / @kekenotpalmer

Halsell explained: “They don’t know the recipe, so I have to sit there for two minutes and watch a barista on TikTok make a drink that takes two minutes, then spend two minutes writing it and five minutes to make it.”

His final tease is when he makes a latte – and then suddenly the man changes his mind and claims he forgot to say ‘iced’. ” He added that Boss Halsell should have said that little fact earlier when writing the order.

Starbucks barista
One of her main problems with customers is when they ask her to make a drink that isn’t on the menu.
TikTok / @kekenotpalmer

After it was taken down, viewers of the clip took to the comments and revealed that it was employees like Halsell who were worried about going to Starbucks, the Daily Mail reported.

“That’s why I have concerns about the order. This is why I stay home to make my own coffee,” one user sniped, while another chimed in: “This is why I buy my coffee at Speedway. Starbucks is too much pressure.

But there were a few baristas who jumped into the fray, coming to Halsell’s defense with their own customer horror stories.

“My favorite is always ‘is that mine?’ was ‘No ma’am. This hot coffee with Brian’s name on it is NOT really your flavor,’” one supporter said.

Another commenter wrote: “I had a lady tell us we didn’t make the drink right so she could get a free drink coupon from whichever store manager was working.”

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