Street Fighter 6 introduces new rival character Bosch, but will he be playable?

Street Fighter 6 introduces new rival character Bosch, but will he be playable?
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Every good fighting game needs strong opponents to push the heroes to become stronger, but this case is a little different.

Their big time Tokyo Game Show presentationCapcom has revealed the opening minutes of Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode, introducing a new character to the series in Bosch.

After going through the character creator and doing some basic sparring with Luke, this crazy fighter jumps down to challenge the player.

The included cutscenes make it clear that Bosch will serve as a hot competitor in the World Tour, which of course begs the question of whether or not he will actually be playable.

At least we know it probably won’t be at launch because Capcom has already shared 18 characters from the roster in the presentation, and Bosch was not on this list.

It’s pretty unusual in a fighting game to introduce an entirely new character, especially an opponent, and not let you play as them.

Street Fighter 6 looks to be a very different beast compared to the rest of the series with the inclusion of the World Tour, which serves as a single-player story mode.

Capcom has dozens of characters that can populate the streets, but including such a large world to roam means that a bunch of them won’t be the main stars.

Previous trailers have already appeared on the World Tour to show prominent characters as NPCs like Final Fight’s Thrasher and girls with Chun-Li, possibly Li-Fen.

So right now it looks like Bosch will play a similar role in SF6, supported by using Luke’s moveset on set without any uniqueness of his own.

We suspect that this means that Bosch will travel around learning from various masters as the player’s special fighter, becoming stronger as the story progresses.

That’s not to say the new kid will never make it to the big leagues, though SF6 will definitely be getting a lot of DLC in the coming years.

If Bosch also becomes quite popular among players, that will increase his chances of making the list as well.

Now it will be very interesting to see how many characters will join the Street Fighter 6 World Tour.

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