Sonic Frontiers ‘Combat & Upgrades’ trailer

Sonic Frontiers 'Combat & Upgrades' trailer
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TO MOW released a new trailer for Sonic Frontiers combat and applying upgrades.

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Sonic Frontiers you present a new approach about movementadventure and platform genres, combining blistering speed with fiery combat.

Skill tree and upgrades

For the first time ever, Sonic has a Skill Tree full of exciting and powerful new skills to learn.

You’ll need to collect enough Skill Pieces from dropped enemies and breakable items around the islands to unlock new skills.

Sonic also has a standard moveset early in the game that includes Homing Attack, Drop Dash, and Stomp. While these moves are effective against normal enemies, if you want to take on the bigger and stronger enemies that await you in the Starfall Islands, you’ll need to level up and unlock new abilities.

The normal enemies on Kronos Island are nothing compared to the enemies on the later islands, so be sure to collect Red Power Seeds and Blue Defense Seeds to boost your stats and give yourself a fighting chance.

Combos and Abilities

As the game progresses and Sonic levels up, so do your enemies. Completing combos is a good way to gain an advantage during combat, especially when combined with the new skill Phantom Rush.

Sonic’s combo meter will fill up after attacking enemies in a row. Once the combo counter is maxed out, Phantom Rush is activated and your attack power will increase until the counter reaches zero.

Use the Sonic Boom to deal massive amounts of damage in a short burst – a long-range, high-speed strike that sends shockwaves at the enemy.

Another option to deal a huge blow to your enemies is the Wild Rush – a brilliant zigzag attack that sends you hitting your target with great force. It’s a quick and stylish way to hit your enemies hard while dodging incoming fire.


Certain enemies Sonic Frontiers there is a shield or barrier protecting them. Break their shield with Cyloop and then deal as much damage as possible before getting back up.

If your opponent hits you, use the Cyloop ability on the ground to collect more rings and get back into the fight.


During the battle, you will have to study your opponents and determine the best strategy to take them on.

Encounters with guards will require more than just using your home attack. Many of them invite you to engage with their unique combat mechanics before hitting their weak point.

When you have an unlock, you can get all the skills you unlock from the Skill Tree.

Experimenting with new abilities and discovering the weaknesses of each enemy will help you defeat them easily.


Use your enemies’ moves against them by using parry during combat.

A visual cue lets you know when the enemy is about to attack. If you react quickly enough, you can parry him and continue your counterattack.

Using all these skills and more gives you tons of options to become the most formidable force on the frontier. Master your combat approach and teach your enemies not to mess with Sonic the Hedgehog!

Sonic Frontiers should come out for PlayStation 5, Xbox series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Transitionand pc Road Steam on November 8.

Watch the trailer below.

Battle and Upgrade Trailer

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