Someone livestream all Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Someone livestream all Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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A non-spoiler photo of the coach walking around Coraydon.

screenshot: Game Freak / Kotaku

Unfortunately, Nintendo is now in full view powerless tone leaks. voice many first party games since the last few years have found their way online – either streaming or hacking and playing on PC – a week or so before release. Joining them, Pokemon Scarlet and purple you have we have already seen many leaks over the last few days, but as I write now, the entire game is being streamed live to over a thousand viewers.

Nintendo has been trying to put out fires all week more information about Scarlett and purple You appeared on the Internet, including spoilers on how the rookie trio will develop. Thanks to the need to ship physical copies to stores (both online and brick-n-air) before release, insiders grab a game in advance, then a moment of internet fame. spoilers But now things have taken a turn for the worse with someone playing the entire game going on for hours.

Look, it’s up to you and you can obviously go see him in Trovo (Tencent’s very familiar version of Twitch), but I wouldn’t. I did my best to check out this story and saw the next evolution of a starter I really didn’t want to know about, and saw a lot of new (but not officially revealed) Pokémon. These are all surprises that I will no longer be able to get when my copy arrives on the 18th.

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To be honest, when I saw how Quaxly, or Sergeant Duck to give him his proper name, evolved, I put off the start I planned to play. This bad. Yes, I can confirm that the previous leaks based on some small Pokédex pixel images are accurate.

Almost 12 hours into this stream, whoever might be the deeply unpleasantly named “reeeetardkun” is definitely starting to get tired. But before, every secret of the game found its way there. I am not informing them here, although God knows it will be difficult for all of us to avoid all kinds of secrets during the next seven days.

It’s also worth noting that I’ve seen the game go completely blank in streaming, where everything just turns to a white screen, but for pop-up info. Quitting and rebooting fixed the problem, but yeah, that doesn’t bode too well. However, Nintendo has announced that the game will receive a 1GB patchthen maybe such issues will be eliminated by running?

Presumably this is what Trovo is used for, as Nintendo would have reached out on Twitch to close the deal a few hours ago. Stamping this game with 11 hours of gameplay already would be pretty useless. And you know, perspective, it’s a video game: too bad for Nintendo, but we just have to look away. If I want to get an idea of ​​a lot of new Pokémon, I’d like to have some surprises during the week.

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