Overwatch 2 Servers Experience Long Queues Suffering From ‘Mass DDoS’ Attack

Overwatch 2 Servers Experience Long Queues Suffering From 'Mass DDoS' Attack
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The Overwatch 2 servers are now live, but it is suffering from some issues stemming from a series of DDoS attacks. Since the servers came online yesterday afternoon, there have been long queues to log in – in some cases players have been told there are more than 30,000 people ahead of them.

Perhaps more notably, Blizzard boss Mike Ybarra announced Overwatch 2 said it suffered a “massive DDoS” attack shortly after launch, causing “many drops/connection issues.” While Blizzard has faced a lot of ire over some of the game’s design choices, it’s unclear who made it or why.

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In a follow-up late-night update from game director Aaron Keller, it was revealed that the second DDoS was ongoing, but that Blizzard was “making steady progress on server issues and stability.” He added: “We will all be holding hands and continuing to work through the night. Thank you for your patience – we will share more information as it becomes available.”

Blizzard used to be he admitted “unexpected server error” that some players are receiving. In addition, the studio confirmed issues with unlocking players, including skins not appearing, as well as Watchpoint pack buyers not having access to it. There is no word on when these issues will be resolved, but BlizzardCS Provides updates when a Twitter account is logged in and a list of known issues Compiled on the Overwatch forums.

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out ours Overwatch 2 review. The original story follows.

Overwatch 2 finally comes out today, October 4th. After a few false starts and delays, the servers went live today at 3:00 PM ET / 12:00 PM PT, and you can pre-order it now on every platform.

The sequel to Overwatch, one of the most anticipated games of the year, was first announced at BlizzCon 2019. However, despite the long development cycle – longer than most people think – the game released today is not that good. full experience as it contains only updated 5v5 PvP modes.

However, it was free to play, and it doesn’t include the (in)famous lootbox model of its predecessor. Also, you must link the phone number to your account to play itso make sure you take care of it sooner or later.

While this is undoubtedly the core of the Overwatch experience, many fans are looking forward to the sequel’s promised PvE game modes. This Early Access release doesn’t include these yet, so keep an eye out for them later.

Of course, the expected release of Overwatch 2 is very expensive, because Overwatch 1 servers turn off To prepare for the release of the sequel on October 2nd. Regardless of how you personally feel about the original Overwatch, there’s no denying that it’s one of the most important multiplayer games of the 2010s, and it’s a shame you won’t be able to play it in its original 6v6 form anymore.

In gold Overwatch 2 review, critic Jessica Howard mostly enjoyed her first few hours with the game, though she questions whether it’s a true follow-up to the iconic original. “Overwatch 2 feels like a fantastic update to the multiplayer game, with mechanics that allow for exciting skirmishes between teams of heroes,” he wrote. “But it stumbles as a separate entity and sequel.”

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