No More Heroes III interview with Goichi “Suda 51” Suda – new platforms that spawn series finale, ports and more

No More Heroes III interview with Goichi “Suda 51” Suda - new platforms that spawn series finale, ports and more
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No More Heroes III it hit new platforms with its release earlier this month PlayStation 5, Xbox series, PlayStation 4, Xbox Oneand pc (Steam) versions, sound Gematsu sat with No more Heroes Series creator and Locust production founder Goichi “Suda 51” will discuss the new elements of the Suda game, creating the finale of the series. indeed series finale, Game station and Xbox versions of the first two games and more.

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Gematsu Goichi “Suda 51” interviews Suda

Interview transcript

Gematsu: Updates on PlayStation, Xbox and PC versions No More Heroes III?

Goichi Suda, Producer and Director: “First, there’s the fact that these are different platforms, so I believe you’ll be able to play with improved graphics and a stable 60fps framerate.

“Also, the biggest new feature is the addition of Japanese voices. We have an amazing Japanese voice actor in this game. A lot of people out there watch Japanese anime, so I think you might hear some familiar voices in this part. Some fans said it was a feeling Gintama-style lineup, but a lot Gintama the family was really involved in the game, so it’s one of the main cool things I want everyone to check out.

“After playing in English, you can try playing with Japanese voices next time… a second game in Japanese. I think that would be a great way to enjoy the game.”

with No More Heroes III Is there any chance we might see it when it comes to PlayStation and Xbox No more heroes 1 and 2 have you come to those platforms?

sweat:No more heroes 1 and 2 currently only playable on Steam and the web Transitionand I think it would be better to make them available to play on a wider range of platforms, so I’d like to collaborate with that. Awesome and it will eventually happen. I can’t make any promises right now, but right now we are there.”

No More Heroes III came 11 years after the last numbered entry. What was it like finally making the sequel that fans have been asking for for years?

sweat: “Yes, 11 years is a long time; as longer than the normal lifetime of the platform itself. The game we made on it Wii It jumped generations and landed on the Switch and it was, um, how can I say… It actually felt like we were able to return to its world. No more Heroes pretty smoothly. But even in our studio, we had to make sure people knew about it first No more heroes 1 and 2. The kind of games they are and how much the fans loved them… I feel like that was our starting point for now.

“Obviously, we had our own image III we wanted to create, but there is one III what fans want to see; the III they imagined. So we tried to make sure that there were those visions in the development III coincides as much as possible.”

Was there anything you wanted to do in it? No More Heroes IIIbut can’t due to budget or technical constraints?

sweat: “Well, it would be a lie if I said no. This is a difficult thing. Of course there was a lot we wanted to do, and I’ve talked about it in a lot of interviews before, but originally we envisioned having 100 bags and having more playable characters than just Travis; these were some of the ideas we thought about. Also, it would take place not only in Santa Destroy, but also in a place called Utopiland. We wanted to create a completely free-flowing map. I was really hoping to make it all happen, but the sheer size of the game, scheduling, budget, etc.

“But we really wanted to focus on Travis’ story, you know? So with the other characters being playable, I felt like it would dilute Travis’ own final battle. Now that we’ve got it all down to scale, it’s a good decision in the end.” I think it is.”

Are you satisfied with how it turned out? Is there anything you would change?

sweat: “Yes, I’m happy with the game, but it has had a lot of fans since release 1 and 2 I mentioned… (laughs)…

“I’m in 1 and 2, you were able to modify the Beam Katana, right? You could upgrade it and get new weapons, and selectable weapons were one of them No more Heroes‘ Main features. But we got rid of it IIIand focus on Blood Berry instead.

“Honestly… I wish we had added more weapons. I wanted to have three types of weapons and this is honestly one of my regrets. So in the future, if we do a remake or a remaster or something, like maybe 10 years from now or so, if it happens, I want to make sure that I put things like that in the game. But I say again, I can’t make any promises at the moment.”

you said No More Heroes III It would be the end of the line for Travis and No more Heroes. But is this really the end? Definitely not No more Heroes you eat

sweat: “I mean Hideo Kojima said that it ended with PurposeGear Solid twice, but we still have more (winks).

“When it comes to this being the last game and the last fight for Travis, I consider it a retirement or an honorable discharge for Travis.

“But, yeah… Like all pro wrestlers out there, they’ll retire a lot and then come back. Some of my favorites like Terry Funk or Atsushi Onita, who’s legendary in Japan for his death matches. They’ve retired many times. Every time they retire when they come out they come back. I’ve seen Terry Funk retire three times. And every time he comes back in the ring.

“So when it comes to Travis, well… He likes professionalism wrestling, and his “retirement” might be a bit of a break. I do not know. “I’d like to leave it up to him and see how he feels about it.”

If you can make a spin-off game No more Heroes series in any genre, what would it be?

sweat: “Hm… for any genre? Right now, it would be with FU, a really explosive character III. He’s become such a breakout character, and I feel like we’ve created the perfect opponent for Travis’ ultimate nemesis, but FU…did he really die at the end? Is he still alive? Even I don’t know.

“If FU was still alive… I feel like his story still has a long way to go, so I’d like to do FU’s story. FU goes to Hell and back again…I wonder if we could make a hack ‘n’ slash game out of that story. It would probably be so.”

Travis Touchdown vs. Mondo Zappa vs. Juliet Starling vs. Garcia Hotspur Who wins?

sweat: “Wow, that’s hard. I don’t think I’ve ever been asked that before.

“Um, who’s the strongest? You know, I’d love to see that battle. You know, in 2028… Grasshopper will be celebrating its 30th anniversary. It would be cool to do a Grasshopper All-Stars game, the king of war-style, where all the characters will compete with each other. We actually discuss this at Grasshopper. If that happens, then we may know the answer. Who is the strongest…?”

Could you please share a final message for the fans before you leave?

sweat: “To everyone who plays No more HeroesThank you for playing and purchasing the game.

“Travis Touchdown’s character was loved, watched and supported by the players and made it all the way. III. After that… a lot of people want another sequel, and we’ve just discussed a possible spin-off, but I’d love to No more Heroes where to proceed; to see the connection with something. We’ve gotten a lot of similar comments, but…Travis is really feeling his way and I have no idea what he’s going to do next. But at some point, if Travis says he wants to go crazy again, fight again, then I’ll talk to Marvelous and maybe 10 years from now… maybe even further… It could end up being a long wait or it could end up being Travis. just stay retired. He can live the rest of his life in peace, in heaven.

“But again, I want to thank everyone very much for their support No more Heroes! We still have no idea what Travis Touchdown will be, but we hope you’ll continue to support us! Thank you very much!”

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