Nintendo banned Splatoon 3 cheats before the game was even out

Nintendo banned Splatoon 3 cheats before the game was even out
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In Splatoon 3, the Inkling summons an item, but this item in Super Smash Bros.  hammer

Nintendo summons the mighty prohibition hammer.
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Splatoon 3 Fans were in for a pleasant surprise last weekend when Nintendo held a special event Splatfest event before the game’s official release. This gave people a chance to download and play a demo of the colorful shooter ahead of the September 9 release date. However, players brave enough to “stick around and learn” have no doubt noticed that Nintendo’s anti-cheat system has started banning Switch consoles from Splatfest players trying to get ahead by changing the game.

According to noted Nintendo Switch dataminer OatmealDome, the game’s anti-cheat system was indeed active over the weekend. The Splatoon 3: Splatfest World PremiereThe competition, which ran from August 27-28, offered three teams – Rock, Paper or Scissors – as well as a range of tools and weapons to test. You’d think that would be enough to tide people over as we all await the game’s official launch in a few weeks. But some still pushed the boundaries by downloading and using it user-made patch that skipped the tutorial and gave early access Splatoon 3‘s test range, a sort of game’s practice lobby. The patch worked, but players who used it soon began to find their Switch banned.

It’s unclear if these bans are a complete ban on the Nintendo Switch Online service – OatmealDome now suggests that the ban may only prevent affected players from playing more games. Splatoon 3 on their console – but that certainly doesn’t sound like something you’d want to try.

“Totally surprised to see reports of people getting banned on Twitter for this one patch,” OatmealDome said. Kotaku over Twitter DMs. “The game code could be patched [also] you are banned Splatoon 2.

“Nintendo is taking cheating seriously this time around,” they said. “[whereas] Splatoon and [Splatoon] 2 Both were completely defenseless when launched.”

However, they note that “a number of high-profile incidents” have had an impact Splatoon 2 It caused Nintendo to get even more serious. “This was the reason Splatoon 2 a pretty decent anti-cheat solution has been implemented and it seems to be pretty effective so far,” he said. “Nintendo wants to keep it going Splatoon 3.”

Kotaku Nintendo has been contacted for comment.

In us learned a lot about Splatoon 3 Thanks to the 30-minute Direct Nintendo on August 10th. Along with the return of fan-favorite stages like Hammerhead Bridge, the colorful shooter will let you get out of ink, while still giving up proper in-game voice chat and has a ton of new weapons I’m really looking forward to this game. Splatoon 3 It will be released exclusively on Nintendo Switch on September 9.

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