New full-suited skins for Manon, Marisa, JP and Dee Jay in Street Fighter 6 show off even more of what the new characters can do.

New full-suited skins for Manon, Marisa, JP and Dee Jay in Street Fighter 6 show off even more of what the new characters can do.
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While Street Fighter 6’s full cast list has been known for months now, there’s still quite a bit about the newest characters that remain a mystery.

grand final event for Street Fighter League Pro-JP It dropped earlier today, and Capcom released a special showcase revealing the first fully-powered match footage for Manon, Marisa, JP, and Dee Jay, as well as Blanka and Dhalsim.

Although the finals are not yet available on YouTube, AlphaDog SF6 was able to capture and share the exhibits online.

We don’t know who’s in charge for these matches, but they’re better at showing off the new characters’ gear and combos than the previous showcase, and reveal more about how they work.

For matches Dee Jay vs. Dhalsim, Manon vs. Marisa and JP vs. Blanka, so we can see a nice spread of the most recently discovered characters for SF6, with the exception of E. Honda.

Starting with Manon vs. Marisa and the newcomers show off how effective their long limbs are, especially the dancer’s kicks, and both look quite intimidating with their Drive Rush approaches.

As mentioned earlier, Mano has a unique mechanic where he gains levels for his landing shots, which strengthens his command and possibly allows him to combo at higher levels.

Marisa’s big swing gives her a ton of corner carry, and it looks like she can continue to push buttons after a dive attack. Plus, we’ll see a non-Critical Art version of his level 3 Super Art.

JP usually fights with 1 hand held back like Oro, but he makes up for it with the wide reach his cane offers and his many long range specials that seem pretty fast.

It looks like JP is saving his left arm to use his Psycho Power abilities and we get a brief shot of his Level 2 Super summoning multiple spirits to attack the enemy.

Blanka’s EX roll is completely invincible and can be turned into an EX up ball on Punish Counter hits for extra damage.

His 2nd Super is similar to V-Trigger 2 from Street Fighter 5, which allows him to do more air rolls in a row, and the trigger on Blanka-chan’s trap seems so long that it would be difficult to use. a fall off the ramp.

Dee Jay has everything from his old kits, except making him a slicker character with more combo possibilities than before.

The pop star can now fake her own fireballs, and the footage shows that the Overdrive version is super fast, considering she can get right up to Dhalsim’s face and throw it from her new swing position.

Dhalsim’s teleports and floats may be better than SF5, but his long limbs are still very punishable.

We’ll have more details on what we see in these new matches, so stay tuned for more Street Fighter 6 coverage on EventHubs.

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