Modern Warfare 2 beta release dates, code access explained

Modern Warfare 2 beta release dates, code access explained
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The Modern Warfare 2 open beta It’s on its way, giving players a taste of the weapons and maps from this year’s Call of Duty.

Although not fully disclosed Modern warfare 2 yet, Activision confirmed an open beta release in September, with details on how to get a code via pre-order or a potential drop-in to watch certain streams before launch.

To help you prepare for the release of the open beta, you can a release dateand information on obtaining Modern Warfare 2 beta early access on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

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When is the Modern Warfare 2 beta? Modern Warfare 2 open beta release dates

During the Call Of Duty League event on August 7, Activision announced the timings for the Modern Warfare 2 open beta. There will be two weekends that players can jump in, the first for PlayStation players and the following week for other platforms. Here are the times:

Weekend 1 (PlayStation Exclusive)

  • early access – Friday September 16-17 Saturday
  • open beta – Sunday 18 to Tuesday 20 September

Weekend 2 (Cross-Play, All Platforms)

  • Early access (Xbox + PC), open beta (PlayStation) – Thursday – September 22 – September 23
  • Open beta (all platforms) – September 24-26 Monday Saturday

Early access players can jump in a few days early if they pre-order the game or can get a code through other means. A few days later, the open beta will be available every weekend – first for PlayStation players, then on the second weekend for all platforms.

How to get early access to the Modern Warfare 2 beta

There are two main ways to get early access to the Modern Warfare 2 open beta every weekend:

If you pre-order, you will be sent instructions on how to play once the beta is released. If you’ve pre-ordered through the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, or, you’ve automatically been approved to participate in Early Access for the Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta.

Open beta access for Modern Warfare 2

As for the Call of Duty League Championship Weekend broadcast on Sunday, August 7, watching and Activision links your account to YouTubeYou will have a chance to win a code for the Modern Warfare 2 open beta.

It’s possible that Activision will provide additional ways to access the beta – such as through future streaming events or social media.

What will be included in the Modern Warfare 2 beta?

Currently, Activision and Infinity Ward have yet to reveal much about what to expect from the Modern Warfare 2 open beta. The official website describes the following:

“This pre-release version of the game will give you an enhanced look at the game’s Multiplayer, including maps, modes, weapons and other features.”

We’ll get full details as part of a reveal event on Thursday, September 15, including a first look at the future of Warzone:

Call Of Duty open betas in the past have included multiple maps, a mode or two, and seven weapon loadout options to try out.

What they have confirmed is that one map – Grand Prix – is playable. Here’s a sneak peek:

A leak An event was organized for the NFL team LA Rams, meanwhile, gave us a look at the multiplayer lobby and a small snippet of gameplay. Nothing more, but this proves that the beta, or at least a slice of multiplayer, is ready to go:

Here’s everything we know about the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 beta so far. Be sure to tune into the Call of Duty league stream for a chance to get a code this weekend. More details about the beta are likely to be released soon as well – so stay tuned for updates.

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