Logitech announces its $70 USB-C, built-in webcams

Logitech announces its $70 USB-C, built-in webcams
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Logitech Brio 300 Webcam Graphite, Off White and Rose
extend / The new webcams are said to be suitable for home offices and come in graphite, off-white and rose colors.


Logitech today released a new line of webcams for users and IT managers looking for something under $100 that includes useful home office features like a physical shutter and a noise-canceling microphone.

The Brio 300 and almost the same specification but enterprise oriented Brio 305 each supports up to 1920×1080 resolution at 30 frames per second and requires 2 megapixels (MP). They also include a noise-canceling microphone and can automatically adjust brightness and contrast based on room lighting using hardware and Logitech. Adjust the application.

Automatic lighting adjustments and background noise suppression have become popular features for companies—whether for webcams or laptopsgold monitors— Bragging that working from home has become more common during the COVID-19 pandemic. with 70 dollars MSRPs, the Brio 300 and 305 are now Logitech’s cheapest cameras to offer these features and support for 1080p or better resolution.

Other Brio 300 and 305 features include a 70-degree field of view and 1x digital zoom.

Likewise, brothers and sisters

Comparing the specs, it wasn’t immediately clear why someone would choose the new 2019 Brio 300 or 305. Logitech C920s Pro, which the company currently lists with an MSRP of $60. It surpasses the features of many new webcams, including field of view (78 degrees) and digital zoom (1.2x).

Logitech's similarly priced C920s Pro webcam.

Logitech’s similarly priced C920s Pro webcam.

But one key differentiator is that as Logitech’s $130 Brio 500Brio 300 and 305 have terminated cables USB-C Instead of USB-A. As the world continues to embrace and in some cases Requires USB-C, it’s a notable addition that’s especially attractive to those without USB-A ports on their laptops, such as MacBooks and the growing number of ultralight Windows devices. Logitech says the webcams are compatible with Windows 10, macOS 10.15 and later and ChromeOS.

While the C920s Pro has many of the microphones from the new Brio cameras, it lacks noise cancellation.

Focus on remote work

According to Logitech’s announcement, the Brio 300 and 305 are also designed with remote workers in mind. His press release referred to the survey [PDF] It surveyed 3,000 remote workers in the US, China and Germany, who were “primarily equipped with standard computing devices” and found that those without webcams struggled with “poor lighting conditions, unfavorable camera angles and poor quality” laptop audio. With a clip-on mechanism that doesn’t look like an upgrade from 2019’s C920s Pro, the new Brio cameras don’t touch any more awkward angles than similarly priced cameras. But the survey helps explain the cameras’ focus on things like noise cancellation and the lack of premium features like tripod support.

Like the business-oriented versions of some of Logitech’s other webcams (such as the business version of the C920s Pro, C920e), can work with the new Brio cameras Logitech Sync. The software for managing video conferencing devices targets IT managers working with a hybrid workforce. It includes features such as remotely configuring and updating software and identifying faulty devices.

With a speckled finish and a choice of three colors, the new webcams have more personality than the competition, with Logitech paying more attention to your style and taste than ever before. home office.

The Brio 300, like the C920s, ultimately provides a decently defined option for people looking for a fast but adequately equipped solution for video calling, and doesn’t need one. the best webcams for things like recording or creative work. USB-C reduces the chance of needing an adapter, especially as some workers and users look for slimmer computer designs that increasingly lack USB-A.

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