It has been officially confirmed by Arkane that Deathloop is Part of the Dishonored Universe.

It has been officially confirmed by Arkane that Deathloop is Part of the Dishonored Universe.
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Arkane Studios has officially confirmed this Deathloop takes place in the future of the universe first established in the Dishonored games.

This confirmation comes via Deathloop director and Arkane Lyon studio director Dinga Bakaba. The Official Xbox Podcast Arkane with Austin studio director Harvey Smith.

Xbox’s Jeff Rubenstein asked Bakaba about the rumors and hints that Deathloop is connected to this larger universe. While Rubenstein said he didn’t have to confirm anything, Bakaba went above and beyond and not only confirmed it was true, but discussed his thought process for doing so.

“Not everyone saw the same thing,” Bakaba said of Deathloop. “Everybody hasn’t heard the same song that you’re hiding somewhere. Everybody hasn’t seen every room, etc., that’s really what we envisioned Deathloop to be next.” [Dishonored 2’s standalone expansion] The death of the outsider”.

Bakaba said the team didn’t want to make that connection too overt and up-front because they wanted Deathloop to have a story and personality that stood on its own, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t use the game to explore what it was. It would take place after the events of Death of the Edge.

“When we were making Deathloop, we said, hey, [this story] may be one of the things that can happen next [Death of the Outsider.] So we have a certain timeline to connect it, and actually there are a lot of clues in the game,” said Bakaba. “Some of them are misused, one of them is actually a spoiler, so voila, but there are a lot of little things and some of them are always right under people’s noses. was, but people only understand that.”

One of these references can be seen in a shotgun known as the Heritage Rifle. On the side of this weapon is a logo that was not clearly visible until then latest Goldenloop update additional “idle pauses where the character plays with his weapon”. The logo is now identifiable as Dishonored’s Dunwall Tower.

As Bakaba says, these threads are like “this little scavenger hunt within a scavenger hunt” that is Deathloop, waiting to be discovered if players look hard enough.

“We tried to see everything as an evolution, but every time they mentioned the past we were either quite vague, or I would say we were hiding the names in natural ways,” Bakaba said. “It seems like they’re talking about Homeland, not Tyvia, but you can definitely‚Ķ once you know, you can unlock everything. Yeah, it makes sense. So it was nice for us to imagine one of the futures. The world of Dishonored and the meaning of that there is.”

Even without knowing all these references to a larger universe, we still gave Deathloop a rare 10/10. In gold deathloop review, we said: “Its unique, high-concept ideas around time loops and non-linear exploration work are elegantly executed, and its systems feel effortless to navigate, learn and ultimately master. A new high water mark for Arkane and similar software developers.” Games you want, Deathloop is a game like no other.”

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