How to use mouse vibration to make it look like you’re working

How to use mouse vibration to make it look like you're working
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Employers productivity monitoring more than ever, thanks in part to the boom in remote work.

Employees are turning to gadgets to get ahead of monitoring software. One such tool is a mouse mover or mouse vibrator, which should keep your screen on. I decided to try one to see if it worked.

I learned about mouse trails on TikTok. A mouse mover is a device that claims to be undetectable by your computer. As the name suggests, the device prevents your computer from going into sleep mode by simulating mouse movements.

It is so-called “tattleware” or surveillance software installed on devices provided by the company to track employee screen time, keyboard usage and clicks. Mouse flicker may not help with keyboard usage or clicks, but it should solve screen time monitoring while keeping your computer screen on.

Here’s how mouse vibration works.

How to use a mouse shaker to keep your computer from going to sleep.

Vaydeer mouse carrier.

Sophia Pitt

I ordered it for $30 Vaideer Mouse Jiggler Checked out Amazon and tested it for a day.

It took less than a minute to install. You simply plug the power cord into your computer’s USB port or plug it into a power brick and plug it into the wall. If you’re paranoid, use the wall for power. You probably don’t want to plug any device that helps you work directly into a work computer, especially since USB ports open up a lot of security issues.

On the left side is an orange power button that you can turn on and off. The turntable moves when activated. This is where you place the mouse sensor. Once the mouse is in the correct position, you will start to see the cursor on your screen move very slowly, preventing your monitor from going to sleep.

Vaydeer mouse carrier.

Sophia Pitt

That’s almost all. Once the mouse is in the shaker, you can get up, eat dinner, do whatever else you need to do, and your computer won’t go to sleep.

It certainly won’t make you more productive, but it can trick some monitoring software into thinking you’re still working, at least if it’s checking to see if your computer is on.

Employer transparency is the real answer

Although we don’t need these gadgets in the first place.

I was surprised to learn that employer surveillance is more common than I thought. Exam recently by the New York Times found that 80% of the 10 largest US private employers track individual employee productivity.

According to a recent study, surreptitiously monitoring employees makes them more likely to violate the very rules these systems are trying to prevent. Harvard Business Review.

Transparency is key to improving employee morale. Instead of monitoring employees, explaining the scope and purpose of monitoring can increase employee acceptance of the practice by nearly 70%. According to a recent study by Gartnermanagement consulting company.

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