Google advertises its Android apps in an interesting Amazon storefront

Google advertises its Android apps in an interesting Amazon storefront
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The latest – especially With Samsung, Google is more prominently advertising the Android ecosystem and what it can do. A recent example is an Amazon store/brand page (in the US) called “Devices with Google”.

This differs from the Made by Google (Pixel, Nest, Chromecast, etc.) showcase in that it only highlights Android phones from different partners. The cover shows Google Duo with foldable optimizations, YouTube and Google Maps Live View.

Work, play and connect right out of the box.

Get your favorite Google apps when you buy your favorite phones.

Interestingly, the word “Android” is never mentioned on this Amazon store page, focusing instead on Google apps and services that run on top of the mobile operating system. The Android brand is also “not visible”Google | Samsung”Ads, but ads were promoted on Android’s social channels.

Google has three tentpoles that celebrate the “inside” nature. For search, there is a quick search on the main page bar with voice prompts, specifically “Google Lens” and “Google AR” rather than Assistant.

“Built-in Google Apps” includes Chrome and Google Password Manager, Google Pay and Gmail as part of Workspace. Finally, Google Security is about Play Protect, Kids Space (and possibly Family Link), and Google Account settings

Going through the Home tab of the Amazon storefront, Devices with Google highlights four OEMs, with a pretty interesting description for each:

OnePlus: The best of Google security meets extra fast processing power.

It’s a bit generic to match security with performance, while “processing power” is pretty much the same as flagships at this point.

  • Featured phones: OnePlus 9, 9 Pro, 10 ProNorth N20, N200.

Samsung: The best of Google customization meets stunning design.

Possible material you refer to with a clear equipment design.

  • Featured phones: S21 FE, S22, S22 +, S22 Ultra, Flip 3, 3 layersA12, A13, A53

Motorola: The best of Google simplicity meets seamless performance.

It indicates the mostly stock nature of Moto devices.

  • Featured phones: Razr 5GMoto G Stylus 5G, G Pure, G Power, G Play, One 5G Ace, Edge, Edge +

Pixel: Useful Pixel phones by Google.

“Useful” is definitely the branding used by Google to describe itself

9 to 5 Google’s take

We first came across Google’s store page after searching on Amazon as a “Sponsored” banner above the product listing. “Google Mobile Services Shop” was the first item in the carousel.

It’s quite interesting that Google feels the need to advertise this way. It wants to get in front of people buying Android phones and make sure they choose a phone with Play services. This is not the biggest problem of the state, but conditions can always change in the future and abroad.

Meanwhile, the absence of the “Android” name anywhere is unlikely to be a reflection of Google’s loss of commitment to core mobile OS development, but it could represent a branding shift that focuses on Google’s publicly available first-party services. ..

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