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F1 22 Overview - IGN
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This is a new era for the world of Formula 1, with some of the biggest changes in the sport over the past four decades shaking drivers’ backs as not only the status quo, but also teams struggling to curb the race’s engineering skills. new cars this year. Codemasters took the same step with the F1 22, refraining from incorporating this season’s backward blur phenomenon into the management model, but reliably dealt with a strong annual racer that feels quite refreshed in a number of necessary areas – even fans returning to the overall package will be quite familiar to you.

Make sure there is More than the latest cars and the new Miami circuit, the F1 22. Visually, it’s flooded this year, but small touches like neat post-race clips of obsolete cars in battles and updated camera angles at old podium festivities make the long-standing parts of the Codemasters F1 series a bit different. rejuvenates. The voice of a new racing engineer and the ability to change commentator David Croft for Alex Jacques also help distinguish F1 22 from previous F1 games. The new adaptive artificial intelligence mode adds to the standard and already large list of driver assistants and accessibility options, and seems to keep the package at a distance that attracts the attention of less experienced racers. This should lead to more interesting competitions, regardless of skill. I tracked my eight-year-old with adaptive AI, and although I couldn’t see the exact difference between his two existing levels, he kept him on the hunt without changing the AI. as a whole.

Veterans of other existing VR racing games are unlikely to be as impressed as we were a few years ago – but the novelty of its presence in the official F1 series is very strong.

It’s harder to miss larger bullet points, such as the nice inclusion of the F1 sprint racing format and smooth VR support for PC gamers. The F1 series is too late when it comes to VR support, so I don’t think veterans of other existing VR racing games will be as impressed as we were a few years ago – but the innovative value of its existence. The official F1 series is very strong. With its commitment to repeating the details of the real thing – from the paddock to the track – the F1 series has long been an amazingly immersive pastime of the world’s best motorsport. Living it in a VR lens is double.

However, no each A new feature of the F1 22 takes place on the podium.

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Lifetime Toys

Codemasters confirms that the additional installation of the “Brake Point” story mode, which was introduced in F1 2021 earlier this year, is in the two-year cadence, and F1 22 is doing just that. no Enter the next chapter of the studio taking the aerial, but fictional, behind-the-scenes F1 tale seriously. Instead, F1 Life is a lifestyle-oriented mode aimed at personalizing your F1 driver’s clothing and living space, but it feels so empty that it’s a bit more than the fund that earns money for the main menu screens.

When F1 22 is first launched, it focuses on this new mode by directing you to deal directly with the default settings of F1 Life. The good thing about this is that it can no longer be completely ignored, and doing so does not diminish anything about the usual intense racing experience around it. At best, F1 Life is like anything to justify a steady stream of rewards for the time you play, only these rewards often consist of just furniture and floor tiles. At worst, it’s a mechanism here to shake up some of the empty money of people who are willing to hand over a few dollars for cosmetic jewelry. Other players may visit your venue, but I don’t understand why they want to visit like that. It’s probably a sad sign that while previous F1 games have featured cars from sporting history, the F1 22 has a wide range of designer carpets, saloons and lamps. No one has been excited for the lamp since Jafar played as a defender for Agrabah.

It’s probably a sad sign that while previous F1 games have featured cars from sporting history, the F1 22 has a wide range of designer carpets, saloons and lamps.

Theoretically, I understand the desire to enjoy that lucrative, off-road luxury that F1 superstars will enjoy in real life – and yes, I do. did distract yourself with an instant V6 coffee table – but I don’t know, the ability to add interior decoration and dress your avatar as an enthusiastic Puma active wear effect to your driver is the perfect way to do it.

The addition of collectible supercars feels a little closer to the extravagant types of toys that F1 drivers can afford in real life, with the addition of at least one gaming component. Inspired by the Pirelli Hot Laps program at the Real Grand Prix – where F1 drivers are encouraged to throw expensive exotics around tracks with different VIPs – the F1 22 includes Ferrari, AMG, Aston Martin and high-end supercars. McLaren is available for both hot sliding and customized driving challenges. They are an interesting innovation – very different from everything available in previous F1 games – but in practice they become a bit of a single note, and I finally decided to skip them. Without anyone’s fault, the supercars themselves are relatively humid when measured up to the purposefully built open tires that represent the pinnacle of today’s F1 engineering, but compared to them, they provide a decent sense of speed, grip and weight. their contemporaries in rival racers. Drifting is surprisingly unstable; the lack of severe smoke makes it feel strangely sterile.

Real Big Wheels, Real Big Pockets

The real stars of the F1 22 are, of course, the new F1 cars that have looked the most elegant over the years, although they have a few interesting driving features that require some adjustments from the F1 2021.

With larger wheels and tires, as well as extra weight, the 2022 F1 is the heaviest car they’ve ever seen. They are also lower and stiffer, with less downhill force and a re-focus on ground-effect aerodynamics that absorb cars into the asphalt as quickly as possible. In the F1 22, it turned into a car that felt like it had lost some of its agility and was particularly hard on attacking curbs and fences. In addition, I found that I had to be more gentle against the gas coming out of the bends than in previous years, although they sometimes seem a little more prone to bending. included they are. The result is a steering model that I’m afraid to say that the F1 2021 and previous editions are better than older cars, but is one that reliably matches the known features of the new ones. It’s just different, and the nuances of new cars – at least – are an interesting problem to solve.

However, despite some significant changes to the management, the real flesh of the F1 22 – the excellent My Team mode, first introduced in F1 2020 – remains largely the same. Campaign through doctors, full R&D, financial juggling; If you’ve played F1 2020 or F1 2021, you’ll know what to expect. However, there are a few nice adjustments, such as a new option to start the first year of My Team as a richly supported operation with pre-improved capabilities and a fairly fat bank balance to attract 45-year-old Mark Webber. about a comfortable retirement. The F1 series has always been one of the few races that can scramble for a position in an exciting ranking, but having the ability to fight the best teams right away makes a lot of sense for the return of the players who managed the F1 teams. from minnows to megastars already several times. It’s also nice that sponsorship labels are no longer removed from your car, even if existing partners have re-signed; This is a small adjustment, but even after the contracts were terminated, it was always annoying to have to put them back by hand in the middle of the season.

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