Epic Cating Off Online Service, Servers for Some Old Games

Epic Cating Off Online Service, Servers for Some Old Games
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In Unreal Tournament 3X, characters fight.

Image: Epic Games

Fortnite Developer Epic Games announced today that it will no longer provide online services or servers for 17 older games. Unreal The series, which stretches back to 1998, will completely stop access to some additional games. The closures are starting to take effect now, but won’t be complete until January 24, 2023.

That is why announcement blog postEpic explained the decision to withdraw some online games from the service “only [supporting] Epic Online Services with a unified friends system, voice chat features, parental controls and parental verification features. Epic didn’t immediately come back Kotakucomment request.

The full list of affected games is as follows:

  • 1000 little claws
  • Dance center 1
  • Dance center 2
  • Dance Central 3 (Epic Dance Central notes VR online multiplayer will “remain available”)
  • Green Day: The Rock Band
  • Monsters (Probably) Stole My Prince
  • Rock band 1
  • Rock group 2
  • Rock band 3 (Epic notes that Rock band 4 online multiplayer “will remain available”)
  • The Beatles: The Rock Band
  • Supersonic acrobatic missile-powered combat vehicles
  • Unreal gold
  • Unreal II: Awakening
  • Unreal tournament 2003
  • Unreal tournament 2004
  • Unreal tournament 3 (Epic notes that it “plans to bring back online features through Epic Online Services in the future.”)
  • Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition

Though Unreal tournament 3 has already been removed from Steam, its description appears recently updated To reflect Epic’s future plans. It’s now listed as a free-to-play shooter with “no microtransactions and no strings attached,” with link between Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG accounts, the description says.

In addition to changing the online service, Epic wrote that it has already removed the Mac and Linux versions of the bird dating sim cards Hateful Boyfriendfirst released in 2011, Hateful Boyfriend: Holiday Starand mobile gaming DropMix, just five years old, from digital showcases. As of writing, the former two still remain is available On Steam.

And one last Band-Aid: while you can still play these previous games if you own them, Epic is making a few general stops. Players will lose access to the following titles on the specified removal dates:

  • Battle Breakers On December 30 (“We will automatically refund players for any in-game purchases made through Epic direct payment 180 days prior to today,” Epic said on its blog)
  • Unreal Tournament (alpha) On January 24
  • Rock Band Blitz on January 24th
  • Rock band mate program on January 24
  • SingSpace On January 24

For some fans, Epic’s seemingly sudden decision to stop serving the games or remove them entirely comes as a disappointing shock and serves as graffiti for the situation. digital game protection. All I can say is that this is your last chance to win yours Rock band high score.

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