Collection: Reviews Monster Hunter Rise: Ready for Sunbreak

Collection: Reviews Monster Hunter Rise: Ready for Sunbreak
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Capcom released today to send June with a bang Monster Hunter Rise: Sunset. This is a paid DLC for new entries. Yesterday was also regular Monster Hunter Rise update it is preparing to expand.

If you’re still not sure if you’ve got the DLC, even after that Game demo trial, we have collected some of the reviews so far. We also have our own vision on the road, so be careful. And if you’re interested – here are the patch notes:

In addition, let’s see what critics have to say about this next chapter of Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak
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starting with IGN, he concluded, as some cool new monsters, but not many new ideas. He added eight points out of ten to the original game, but gave the DLC one point less – seven points from it:

“Sunbreak isn’t as important and surprising as Iceborne Monster Hunter World, it has no new ideas other than smart artificial intelligence followers limited to single player hunts, and leaves the Rampage missions without even trying to fill the gap left by their absence.”

The team is over Polygon I enjoyed the DLC, but I felt it had to move directly to the new Monster content:

“It simply came to our notice then Sunlight, Angry that AAA is the victim of one of the biggest villains in video games: bloat. I would like to see more Sunlight offer a shorter campaign with more focus on new monsters and give me the option to fight Master Rank versions of the original list in my spare time. But instead, I spent the opening hours of the expansion beating up familiar enemies so that I could achieve good things. So play Sunlight it feels like opening an interesting gift covered in a little too much ribbon.

PC Player the computer version gave 89 out of 100. Rise thinks the series is “as good as ever,” but noted that the DLC is essentially “more the same” and may not provide enough “new” content for some fans. :

“Monster Hunter Rise is better than ever in this series, and Sunbreak is more the same. It’s also very tough, but it seems like the right challenge. For some fans of the series, you can probably add 10. Since some of its additions first appear more importantly, the new has no excitement and essentially serves the ultimate game function of an already extensive experience. So, less sunset than sunset. “

Hunters Twinfinite I felt “everything old is new” in the Sunbreak DLC – he praised it with a score of 4.5 out of 5 and recommended it as “absolutely brainless” for anyone who wants to go back:

“Just as it is, Sunbreak represents the best of Monster Hunter Rise, re-contextualizing the main game through a clever integration of old and new. It won’t turn hard fans back from Rise, but for those who love it. represents a new high water mark for the series and is absolutely unreasonable for anyone who wants to dive back.

And finally, Mako reactor gave him a 10 out of 10 – “absolutely essential” for the current owners of Monster Hunter Rise:

“The Sunbreak Monster improves and enhances the Hunter Rise in every way. The monsters are harder, the music is better, and the post-game is actually better for more than a few hunts. The new mechanics add even more depth for those who want to dig. so it would be absolutely essential for every Monster Hunter Rise owner. It’s great, and I look forward to spending hundreds of hours on it over the next year. “

Will you present this new DLC for Monster Hunter Rise? Let us know in the comments.

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