Battlefield Company Criticized For Dunking In Single Player Games

Battlefield Company Criticized For Dunking In Single Player Games
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From Mass Effect, Garrus looks away as tired and amazed.

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It’s been a while since Electronic Arts was the villain of the video game of the moment, but Thursday FIFA publisher The company swallowed all the oxygen in the room thanks to a bad joke that made the bitter history worse. If you have a mega game corporation Those who shouldn’t shoot randomly in single-player games are the ones who have the experience to close the studios that create them and squeeze out multiplayer releases full of microtransactions and loot boxes.

“They’re 10, but they just like to play single player games,” EA said posted it was 19:33 Play over the meme first exploded on TikTok in early June, and by the end of last week had already begun to lose steam on Twitter. He also quickly invited scornful gatherings. “It is clear that he is not familiar with the concept of 10s” answered Forbes‘Paul Tassi. “It simply came to our notice then Himni. I’m just telling a fact ” answered the Washington PostGene Park.

EA’s first post has already garnered more than 9,000 comments and 11,000 quotes and tweets. Some have noted that single player games are one of EA’s most popular and popular games Sims and Dragon Age: The Inquisition. Respawn boss Vince Zampella is currently in control Star Wars Jedi: Survivors, simply reacted to the text with a face palm emoji. A few hours later, the company resigned. “Fries are worth it” wrote. “We’ll take this L, because playing single-player games actually makes them 11.”

However, EA’s fraud on social media was more than just the confusion of the mill brand. He was outraged by the publisher’s unique checkered history when it came to cutting and burning his way to celebrate his income. In 2012, the company earned $ 4.1 billion. Last year, he earned about $ 7 billion. This increase was primarily achieved by halving multiplayer live service games such as FIFA, Maddenand Apex Legends, and find new ways to make money from them through sophisticated microtransaction stores, season tickets and boot boxes.

At the same time, EA was ruthless in investing in new studios only later connect them and cancel ambitious but risky projects in the process. The most infamous example of this was the Visceral Games. Earlier, EA Redwood studio was criticized by critics Dead Space to see that the series was canceled only after it sank into multiplayer and microtransactions because it could not meet sales expectations. Visseral then began working on a single player Star Wars game with Uncharted writer Amy Hennig called
The project was Ragtag, but Visceral close instead In 2017 and Ragtag was canceled.

Ragtag was worried at first, but the closure and cancellation was also a lightning rod for frustration as EA turned players into online games where they could nickel and penny.

EA, of course, denied this.

“You may have heard a conversation about multiplayer with a single player or a live service against a single player, and that conversation was not about that conversation,” said CEO Andrew Wilson told investors Shortly after. “It wasn’t just a one-player game or a live service, it was more about how we got to a point where the overall gaming experience was appropriate for the players.”

A few weeks later, EA was released Star Wars: Battlefront II with Loot boxes that pay to win.

The subsequent reaction led to a legislative review and, as a result, the removal of the operator mechanic from many games, including Battle front II. Note that one of the remaining towers of the loot boxes is EA FIFAwhere they are contributes billions The company uses online sports modes every year.

The company’s search for new ways to make money from games also failed. Himnifavorite single player RPG power center BioWare’s tragic attempt to replicate Bungie’s live service success Tale 2. Multiplayer mechanics were first introduced in the upcoming game Dragon Age: Dreadwolf also, until Himnis failure persuaded the company to give up. (BioWare, with the exception that EA has shut down former RPG producers such as Mythic, Bullfrog and Origin).

“We are confident that bank executives, oil, tobacco and arms companies are comfortable not being on the list this year,” said EA spokesman John Reseburg. he said The first year was named the worst company in America. For the second time, in 2013, EA withdrew from production Sims 4 online games only.

All major video game publishers have a negative reputation for such a thing beyond the claims. sexual discrimination, misbehavior in the workplaceand brutal extra work. Activision finds Blizzard hits and then hits them on the ground. Every Ubisoft game experiences the same feelings. Square Enix is ​​eternal disappointed. With EA, a company prefers to trap you in an online casino than to build a game, sell it to you, and move on with your life. This is hardly the only company that can be blamed for this, but others are not trying to send sweet memories about it.

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