Adobe includes AI-generated stock art that can be trashed

Adobe includes AI-generated stock art that can be trashed
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One of the AI-generated images Adobe used to promote its announcement

Adobe was formerly known as the company that produced Acrobat and PhotoShop. Addobe is becoming more and more popular, but it is recognized as one of the biggest digital scams of modern times.

From him shonky subscription models tone makes people pay for certain colors in PhotoShop (this too Pantone does in a “joint” decision), the company, like many others in these tumultuous times, is more concerned with maximizing profits at all costs than considering the needs of its users or the consequences of its actions.

I bring this up today because, A week after forcing people to check out what they haven’t read onions story while learning colors thingthe company has announced that it is covering AI art, which is not only a giant mess, but also a serious threat to the livelihoods of artists worldwide, big and small.

I’ve already made my feelings about AI very clear on this site—I wrote this feature in August interviewing a number of video game and entertainment industry artists– and I think it’s bad not only for artists, but because it’s a threat to artists art. Although people’s work is of course important, we are not only talking about cotton ginning factories and how in many ways it is a disintegration of labor and capital; we are talking about a process that invades fundamental human entertainment and creative pursuits.

Machines do not create art. They are machines! They are simply making a rough stew of human art, often without credit or compensation for what has gone into it. ace Dan Sheehan says in his fantastic work Art in the age of optimizationit is simply “a technology that clearly exists to remove the human element from the process of artistic expression.”

Anyway! Last week, Adobe released an announcement went on to say that the AI-generated art will be featured as part of the company’s extensive stock image library, going so far as to say that the field is “empowering human creativity.” The company boldly repeats that it has “considered these questions in depth and implemented a new submission policy that will ensure that our content uses AI technology responsibly by both creators and customers” and that “generative AI is a huge leap forward” in words, sketches, and for creators using the incredible power of machine learning to think faster by developing images using gestures.”

Creators? Fuck! These people create nothing! They type words into a computer that feeds them current art! Even if Adobe can only release images that are “properly constructed, used and disclosed” as they claim, it’s still bad! ah! He tries to do good one The problems with AI art – stealing art doesn’t make it free from others like these pictures or their creation has nothing to do with art!

The reaction among artists, of course, has been as wildly negative as any AI announcement in the last six months, with some criticizing the company while others resort to more traditional cries: that artists are just pirating PhotoShop instead of paying the company a cent.

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