A Wells Fargo executive was arrested after he was accused of urinating on an airplane passenger

A Wells Fargo executive was arrested after he was accused of urinating on an airplane passenger
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The executive of Wells Fargo’s India operations has been fired and is in jail after allegations he urinated on an elderly woman while flying from New York to New Delhi.

Shankar Mishra was arrested by the New Delhi Police in Bangalore on Saturday, police spokesperson Suman Nalwa said. Nalwa said a judge in New Delhi ordered that he be detained for 14 days because he was considered a flight risk.

On an Air India flight from John F. Kennedy International Airport to Indira Gandhi International Airport in November. 26, Mishra was “totally intoxicated” and urinated on another passenger, according to a police report citing a letter from the alleged victim.

“He unzipped his pants and urinated on me and stood there until the person sitting next to me touched him and told him to go back to his seat,” said a woman seated a row behind Mishra in business class. report.

The woman, who has not been released to the public by police and identified herself as a senior citizen, told crew members that she wanted Mishra arrested when she landed in India. But, he said, the crew brought Mishra to him “against my wishes”.

I apologized and begged him not to press charges, she said.

“In the face of his begging and pleading before my eyes, and my own shock and dismay,” he said, “I found it difficult to insist on his arrest or to press charges against him.”

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Mishra’s lawyers Ishani Sharma and Akshat Bajpai said in a statement that Mishra “does not remember the details of the incident”. They added that when Mishra “woke up” on the plane, he was “very apologetic and respectful” towards the woman.

According to lawyers, the two agreed with Mishra to clean the woman’s belongings, and Mishra paid her in November. 28. But the woman returned the money in December. 19, “which clearly reflects a malicious intent,” the attorneys said.

Wells Fargo he said In a statement to the Hindu, a local publication in India, it said it found the allegations “deeply disturbing” and that Mishra had been terminated. Mishra was vice president of the bank’s Indian operations and was terminated on Friday, lawyer Sharma said.

Wells Fargo did not respond to a request for comment.

A month-long delay between the flight and Air India’s police report has fueled criticism of the airline’s handling of the incident.

India’s aviation regulator, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, said the airline’s behavior “appears to be unprofessional”. It issued “show cause” notices to airline officials and flight crew asking them to explain “why enforcement action should not be taken against them for breaching their regulatory obligations”.

Air India chief executive Campbell Wilson said in a statement that the airline was “deeply concerned” about customers who “suffered due to the reprehensible actions of their passengers”.

“Air India acknowledges that it could have handled these issues better, both in the air and on the ground,” Wilson said. The crew in November. Flight 26 has been delisted from the airline, he said, adding that an internal investigation into the alcohol service and how staff handled the incident was ongoing.

Air India refunded the woman’s ticket and held four meetings between the employee and the woman in December, Campbell said. The woman’s family applied in December. The airline filed a police report on December 26. 28, I said.

According to the report, the woman said that her clothes, shoes and bag were “soaked with urine”, and the flight crew “refused to touch them, sprayed my bag and shoes with disinfectant, took me to the bathroom and gave it to me. aviation pajama and hosiery set”.

He asked for another seat but was told there were none. After he refused to sit in his dirty seat, the woman said, he was given a jump seat — a small seat designed for short-term use by the crew — for the rest of the flight.

“Another passenger who witnessed my condition” noted that the seats were open in first class, but the crew informed him that the pilot “vetoed giving me a seat in first class.”

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