A TikToker is going viral for asking to change airplane seats “the right way.”

A TikToker is going viral for asking to change airplane seats "the right way."
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  • A mom has gone viral on TikTok saying she asked a plane passenger to switch seats with her.
  • People praised him for offering him a better seat, saying he was making the request “on the right track”.
  • Airplane etiquette β€” especially dilemmas like this β€” is a hot topic on TikTok.

A mum-of-two has been praised for asking a stranger to switch seats on a plane so her family could sit together.

The app features a TikToker known as Anna Lyn Cook in the video On October 31, he said that when he booked his flight, he did not have the option to book all the seats together.

Cook said he tried to get help from staff at the gate, but when they couldn’t, he asked a fellow passenger to go with him.

Cook said his original seat had “more legroom” and was “better” than the seat he was hoping to replace, which he described as “pretty tight.”


I wouldn’t ask anyone to switch seats unless I could offer a better option. If they didn’t, I’d be more than happy. Also – if we have a choice, we ALWAYS charge extra to select our seats. But sometimes things happen that nothing works. This guy was very nice and a win/winπŸ‘πŸΌ

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“The guy sitting in the seat just came in. He was looking at the seat, picking up his bag. You could just tell on his face, ‘I’m sitting here with all these guys,'” Cook said. , adding that he was “too low” to move while suggesting he would have a seat with more legroom.

Cook captioned the video: “I wouldn’t ask anyone to switch seats unless I could offer them a better option. I’d be happy if they didn’t. Also – we ALWAYS pay extra to select our seats. They have a choice.”

His video has over 1 million views and 115,000 likes.

In the comments section, he was praised for the way he handled the situation. Many people said this was an example of it being “acceptable” for someone to ask to change seats on a flight, and agreed with Cook that the “rule” of changing seats offered something of equal or better value, which he said he did. “the right way”.

disputes about flight tag TikTok has become more and more common and has many users posted videos how about them refuse to change seats for families who want to sit togetherespecially them paid extra money for the person requesting their seat or replacement you react badly to their response.

Recently, a TikToker named Marisa Friedman went viral with a year video about sitting in a first-class seat he knew he had paid “full fare” for and refusing to move when asked.

He received a mostly positive response, with many saying they thought his decision was fair, although some said he should have shown more “compassion”.

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